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Having a video to show to potential customers and clients that clearly expresses the story behind you and your business is a powerful tool. Video is the most sought after form of media marketing and creates the most online visibility for your business or service.

Business Marketing Videos

Lifestyle video for Houston's top plastic surgeon, Dr. Rolando Morales

Marketing video for Team Varela, a Prime Lending branch manager. Shot with A6500, A7II, and a Glidecam.

Meet the Family behind Panther Island Brewery in Fort Worth, Texas. This is a small business marketing video designed to provide the emotional story behind the business. Filmed with Sony A7II and Glidecam.

30 second commercial for National Medical Debt Advocates that aired on the CW33. Shot with Sony A7II, A6500 and Glidecam.

Millionaire Brides Club offers professional hair and makeup services to bridal parties. This video showcases the level of quality and care behind all of the artists of MBC. Shot with Sony A7II and Glidecam.

Every video is unique, please email or call 214-207-1155 for a free estimate on marketing and branding video pricing.


Justin Blevins, owner of The Hero Training Center, uses video to communicate to his potential clients how his gym operates. Shot with Sony A7II.

Behind the Scenes shoot of the Swim Kandy Product line!!! Video provides a great and fun way to showcase the products of your company! Shot with Sony A7II.

PediaQ offers in-home treatment by a nurse practitioner for children, eliminating having to wait at a doctors office. This video demonstrates the process from beginning to end to provide a clear picture for the client of how the company functions. Shot with Canon XA20 and Slider.

Real Estate video with optional voice over. Shot with Canon XA20




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