Everyone has a story. Tell the story of your journey and struggles with a short profile video or documentary, or just show your hard work and talents for the world to see!!

Documentary and Profile Videos

Inspirational story of Clare Morrow and how she turned to a life of fitness after the recent passing of her mother. Shot with Sony A7II.

Train Insane Day 1 featuring Branch Warren, Matt Lehr, John Bartolo and Tony Sentmenat all running tactical shooting drills with pistols and rifles. Click Links to see day 2 and 3 in the gym and day 4 again at the range.


15 year old dance phenom, Avery Cleavinger choreographed this dance in an hour and performed it seamlessly. Shot with Sony A7II and glidecam.

Although struggling with type 1 diabetes, Jason Poston overcomes the adversity and pushes through his workout. Shot with Sony A7II.

As the first person from India to his the Physique Olympia stage, Freddy Mac shares his frame of mind and level of dedication just days before the big O!

NPC Athlete, Stacy Cummings lets us in on her journey to the 2016 Dallas Europa where she won her class and was soon offered a sponsorship with Purius Labs. Stacy turned Pro later that year. Shot with Sony A7II.

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